Company Profile

Mikvah Projects’ construction and development project management service is underpinned by forward-planning to minimise risk, and to ensure smooth sailing throughout the development cycle. Our portfolio of first-class projects – completed on time and within budget – attests the experience and skill of a multi-disciplinary team capable of confidently adapting to meet expectations.

Our core team is complemented by a database of select specialists and contractors we know and trust. As such we’re in a position to scale our workforce to match your project and requirements. And because we have lower overheads than some of our bigger competitors, we’re more competitive, which ensures that you spend less with us.

Mikvah Projects is a level 4 superior contributor to the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) program.


Mikvah Projects was founded in 2007 by former general and deputy commissioner of the South African Police Service (SAPS), MJA Bester. We have since established ourselves as an agile project management company in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

The company’s shareholders, management and staff consist of highly skilled individuals making up a multi-disciplinary team capable of managing the entire development mix – from design, engineering, and procurement, through to construction.