Vision & Mission


Our vision is simple: growth. Over the years we have adapted effective operational strategies and honed them to perfection to deliver on time, on budget, with minimal risk. The results of our efforts have positioned us as an established supplier of commercial, industrial, and residential property development and project management services, constantly on an upward trend.

As a supporter of local socio-economic development in a vibrant and unfurling South Africa, we have recently begun to position ourselves as a key job creator and educator within our locale. Through the development of educational courses aimed at future entrepreneurs, business managers, and key personnel, our aim is to continue providing individual lives and communities with an increased potential for growth in modern societies.


Mikvah Projects constantly seeks to differentiate itself from competitors through accurate risk assessment and highly efficient project management. Our general construction project management services, for instance, consist of not the usual six, but seven phases to include a consultation phase during which the entire project is assessed. Through experience we’ve learnt that by doing more than what is required, great results are easily achieved.