At Mikvah Projects we plan ahead to minimise risk, cut down on unnecessary expenses, and to deliver on time and budget. Our service offering includes construction project management and peripheral services as diverse as tenant and commodity co-ordination and management.

Where necessary we will take care of all relevant licensing and zoning applications. From Environmental Management Plan (EMP) studies to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), zoning applications, and other relevant licenses required for your project to move forward, we’ll oversee it from start to finish.

Find your service below and learn more, or contact us to find out if we can match our services to your needs.

  • Construction Project Management

    construction_project_mgmnt Invest in commercial, industrial, or residential project management that goes the extra mile to plan ahead and minimise risk. Greater peace of mind and more efficient cost projections come part and parcel with our construction and development project management service. Learn more »

  • Fuel Service Station Development

    fuel_service_station_mgmnt Mikvah Projects is one of the few South African commercial project management companies specialising in fuel service station development. We develop new fuel service stations, upgrade and re-brand existing installations. Learn more »

  • Commodity Management and Co-ordination

    commodity_mgmnt We will help you meet your savings targets while providing the strategic sourcing and management of commodities to match your business requirements. Mikvah Projects’ commodity management and coordination service is driven by experienced commodity managers and retail buyers armed with all the right contacts. Learn more »

  • Retail Studies and Tenant Co-ordination

    retail_studies Mikvah Projects’ tenant co-ordination service brings together the ideal mix of tenants to deliver a prosperous retail environment. We combine strong market research and retail experience and align them with your strategic objectives to produce a predictable and easily measurable outcome. Learn more »

  • Commercial Property Brokering and Development

    commercial_property Has your property asset turned into an expense? Want to buy or sell commercial property at competitive rates anywhere in South Africa or neighbouring countries? We provide the insight and experience needed to rent, acquire, or sell commercial property with the aim of greater profitability. Learn more »

  • Industrial Property Brokerage and Development

    industrial_property We simplify the search for financially viable industrial properties, turn negotiations in your favour when selling, and find existing industrial sites capable of growing your investment. Mikvah Projects’ industrial property brokerage service is motivated by experience, and backed by a track record of success. Learn more »

  • Residential Property Development

    residential_property Mikvah Projects helps landowners maximise the value of their property assets with a residential property development service focused on efficiency while maintaining the character of the surrounding area. Our full-service property development project management takes care of the A-Z of development, including zoning and licensing requirements. Learn more »

  • Human Resource Management Services

    human_resources We extend our clients’ in-house management capacity with a tailored human resource management service. Our HR outsourcing service is ideal for small businesses who do not have their own HR teams, as well as bigger organisations wishing to enhance their in-house administration. Learn more »

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