Residential Property Development

Mikvah Projects helps landowners maximise the value of their property assets with a residential property development service focused on efficiency while maintaining the character of the surrounding area.

Our full-service property development project management takes care of the A-Z of development, including zoning and licensing requirements. We understand that land, the surrounding environment, is both precious and loved, which is why we strive to preserve the ethos of the area and aim for greater sustainability.

Mikvah Projects is dedicated to the development of residential infrastructure capable of supporting entire self-sustaining communities:

  • Land sale and acquisition
  • Site surveys, feasibility and viability studies
  • Project planning and management
  • Town planning
  • Municipal and national licensing
  • Valuations and development appraisals
  • Market research
  • Tennant analysis and coordination

For more information about our residential property developments, or to have a developer or project manager assigned to your property, call us at 071 686 7251 or use our contact form. Alternatively, send an email to