Retail Studies & Tenant Coordination

Mikvah Projects’ tenant co-ordination service brings together the ideal mix of tenants to deliver a prosperous retail environment. We combine strong market research and retail experience and align them with your strategic objectives to produce a predictable and easily measurable outcome. Growth forecasts for potential expansion can also be completed to give you the strategic edge.

Key to our tenant mix analysis service is an in-depth study of the area surrounding your centre, and the individuals, families, or groups, you wish to have as patrons. The analysis is then compared to a potential tenant list to seek out those retailers who’ll be able to serve target audiences better, thus delivering a more profitable location for them, and a higher rental income potential for you.

Our tenant co-ordination services include mediation between:

  • Owners
  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Construction teams

We can also deliver interior design, development, construction, and project management services to facilitate with the entire project, from concept to completion.

Let Mikvah Projects find the ideal tenant mix for an optimal retail environment. Call us at 071 686 7251 or use our contact form. Alternatively, send an email to